Sioufi October 12, 2023


Dear Parents,

We have the pleasure to inform you that your child has been selected to participate in one of the “LAU Model Programs (MUN, MEU)”

This contest develops our youth skills (critical thinking, problems solving team work, negotiate, public speaking …) and give them the opportunity to become “the next leaders in their society”.


Two training sessions as well as a MOCK and final conferences are going to take place at LAU Beirut or Byblos. Participants will be under the chaperon of three advisors who will be training and coaching them during all the program.


LAU schedule program will be as follow:  

Training Sessions & Conference


MUN MEU Session 1- LAU Beirut


MUN MEU Session 2 - LAU Beirut


MOCK & Final Conference


MOCK Conference :MEU - TBA


MOCK Conference : MUN - TBA

Jan -20-2024

Final Conference: MEU - LAU Beirut


Final Conference: MEU - LAU Beirut


Final Conference: MUN - LAU Byblos


Final Conference: MUN - LAU Byblos


Kindly note that four or five meetings will be held at the college for “preparation and coaching”. Convenient dates will be fixed with the advisors for each program.


Participation fees: $200/student (MUN and MEU) payment should be done before October 18, 2023.

Fees cover:

  1. LAU registration fees
  2. Transportation (Beirut and Bylos)
  3. Advisor’s coaching
  4. Advisor’s follow-up and content proofing

Awards will be given to the winners and certificates will be distributed to all participants.


We thank you for encouraging your child to be involved in such program and to give all the support needed.


Carole NEHME

Career Counselor & SOI Responsable


La Directrice

Sr Hélène Richa


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