We often go through life not realizing the difficulties that others are facing, and learn about them later on, and wished we knew about it then, to hope to make a difference.
The civil war was not that civil. Not sure why they call it a civil war. And the price paid by you, by classmates, by friends and family was too often too high.
I am very fond of the school, of all our classmates, of the Sisters, of their discipline, their dedication, their warmth, their welcome, which lives on in all of us after we graduated.
Today the Sisters help to educate Syrian refugees who lost everything.
I met last week with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon who put their kids with the Sisters.
They come to the school from different religions because they know that with the nuns they will be treated with kindness, dignity and welcome.
That is the beauty of l’Ecole des Saints Cœurs.
I still remember Soeur Jamilé Richa Sscc from the 4eme.
She was as beautufil in her soul as in her appearance and her name, Jamila, full of radiant light, nice and kind.
The Sister who used to keep the library (Soeur Saint Bernard), was so kind and caring.
Keep the faith ??.
Mark Abi Saab
Promo 1988

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