Anabele you did a great job and still!
Since you phoned me once in 2010 and spoke to me about Amicale Sioufi, I recalled how secure i felt when joining the school “St Coeurs Sioufi” back in 1986, i was an uprooted very shy teen ager after we got displaced from Saida in 1985 and after having changed up to 3 schools in few months due to the situation at the time, I thought that this is it, am finally settling here.. And will be able to finally resume my studies.. it was a very tough period for my family and for me personally, but the warmth i got from friends like the friends i met .. all of the group (except you and Youssef, i never knew why:)) helped me strive and get back on my feet and try to -at least- to study few courses instead of all of them :) and bit by bit, i managed to graduate with you all in 1988! Luckily, no official exams were done at the time, otherwise I would have failed :) because I have skipped and missed a lot while changing schools before I land among you in Sioufi! Such was the feeling that brought me back to those harsh but happy moments, sad but secure, lonely since i was in my own country but still away from home.. Those feelings that made me react in a few seconds to Anabele’s phone call (Not having met her before) and carried me to reconnect with where I felt able to recover my situation and take back the reigns of my life. It’s true I haven’t been too close to many of you, but I remember almost all of you from Seconde Sc till Sciences Ex in 1988! Am so happy I responded to Anabele’s call in 2010 and saying this today, is to tell you all that a “Friendship Revisited” from back old school days is such a valuable asset you can never risk to lose!
I felt so glad and moved to see all of you again on Friday 2nd and also wish to see many who were not able to join, but as I said before, this is only the beginning and the best is yet to come! Happy to have you all in my life!

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