Beirut, October 4, 2016
Dear Parents,

After a successful collaboration with SSCC Sioufi last academic year through the Life Skills training program, The Council Leadership Academy offers you the opportunity to register your son/daughter for the upcoming advanced Life skills (Level 2) sessions. This leadership program is designed to further develop your son/daughter’s leadership skills.

Program (3-hour sessions: total of 24 hours)

1.     Communication skills
2.   Leadership: Level 2
3.   Time management
4.   Debate skills
5.   Advanced public speaking
6. Creative problem-solving and decision-making
7.   Emotional intelligence
8.   Teamwork

Time and Place

Every Saturday: 12:00- 3:00 pm; starting October15 at SSCC Sioufi


Fees: $360 per participant for the full program


About The Council

Please visit “” for more information about our programs.


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For your information, your son/daughter has the opportunity to participate in the competitive Model United Nations conferences such as the ones at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and the United Nations Headquarters. In addition, our summer exchange programs and leadership summits in the United States and Europe are open on a competitive and first-come-first-served basis.

Sister Helen Richa,

School Principal                                                                                                     Mr. Jihad Yaacoub,

The Council



Registration Sheet

Student’s name (as mentioned on passport or ID): ____________________________________________________


E-mail: _________________________________________________________________________________


I, the undersigned (mother/father/guardian) of _______________________________________ agree for my (son/daughter) to participate in the Life Skills training level 1 with The Council: Leadership Academy.


Parent’s signature: ___________________


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