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Dear alumni, parents, partners and friends of the large family of Saints Coeurs Sioufi College,“L’Amicale des anciens”, the parents' committee and the Social Bureau rely on you all to put this chain of solidarity into action.SSCC Sioufi is forced, to call for support to help its mission survive.
Any sort of help is appreciated: financial contributions would assist those families passing through difficulties to pay tuition fees; job opportunities could be offered to currently unemployed parents; professional services with symbolic or no fees would help the college in reducing its expenses during this hardship and would enable us to continue to ensure excellence in our education.For any helpful suggestion, kindly contact our Social Bureau and/or Bureau de l’Amicale des anciens, who would be at your conveniences in our school locals or by phone.We are wholeheartedly grateful to you, in advance, for making it possible to sustain our school mission in such difficult moments.
For Sioufi
‘Amicale des anciens’, the ‘Comité des parents’ and the ‘Bureau Social’For any enquiry please call the Alumni Office AmicalementBureau de L'Amicale des AnciensCollège des Saints-Cœurs-SioufiTél. 961 1 329 111 l Fax: 961 1 327 266Port: 961 3 909 187 l

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