Computer-based Learning in SSCC Sioufi

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SSCC English department is tremendously excited to launch a cutting-edge approach into its program this year. Computer-based education and instruction have become highly prevalent in the classroom. Over the past few years, schools all around the world have observed the effectiveness of embracing and intertwining teacher-driven and computer-driven learning. This avant-garde combination is proving to result in higher achievement and student satisfaction. The multimedia capabilities of computer applications -- including images, video, text, and audio -- provide a rich and engrossing experience for students. The formats are easier to customize to each student's learning style and pace in an adaptive system. As students go through the lesson plan on a computer, they learn how to operate menus and run applications, which are valuable skills in any technological medium. Computer-based learning is unable to suffice or substitute the nurturing, interactive on-site experience an English language teacher creates. Teachers at SSCC choose to use it as a tool that brings added value to the English language classrooms and prepare students for the volatile era of digital transformation taking over nowadays.
Student Testimonials:
“It is very helpful. We can correct our mistakes on our own and activate our critical thinking to understand what went wrong.” Rawan Succarieh
“Quite exciting! It breaks the routine of using textbooks and traditional methods.” Yara Tahesh

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